Home Deliveries

We deliver regularly to East and West Sussex and the London area.

A home delivery of delicious, pure water from Pear Tree Well is easy!

We deliver fortnightly to Eastbourne, Lewes, Brighton, Lancing, Worthing, East Grinstead and surrounding areas. We also deliver regularly (but less frequently) to London and other areas of East and West Sussex. There is a small charge towards delivery costs.

You place an order by phone, email or online, by filling in the form below. (Most customers set up a regular delivery).

We ask that your order is in by Wednesday evening for a Thursday delivery, or by Thursday evening for a Friday delivery. This gives us time to take payment, check the delivery details, and make sure your order is on the van!

We then deliver it direct to your doorstep usually between 9.30am and 6pm. You do not need to be in, as long as we can leave your order in a pre arranged place.

You can pay us by a variety of methods: Cash, Cheque, Debit / credit card, Bank transfer, Standing Order, or online via Paypal.

If you have set up a regular order, you can change or amend your order at any time before the delivery day for the next delivery.

Our plastic and glass bottles are reusable, so simply leave them out on a delivery day and we will collect them for re-use when we deliver the new ones, helping the environment by reducing plastic waste. We will offer a refund of £3.00 on a box of empty glass bottles returned in good condition.

  • e.g. where to leave if not there.
  • Preferred delivery zone

  • Products

  • Price: £ 22.32 Quantity:
  • Price: £ 20.16 Quantity:
  • Price: £ 23.90 Quantity:
  • Price: £ 21.60 Quantity:
  • Price: £ 7.20 Quantity:
  • Price: £ 43.20 Quantity:
    Including Courier Delivery
  • Price: £ 14.40 Quantity:
    New customers will have to pay an additional £5 initial charge for the container.(only on first order)
  • There is a refundable deposit of £3 on each full box of bottles that are returned.

  • Price: £ 5.00 Quantity:
    Paid as an initial non refundable deposit on the first purchase of 10 litres of water.
  • £ 0.00
There may also be an additional delivery charge for orders less than £20 – depending on location.  Please contact us for further details.