The Dream

“The amazing story started in 1998 when I had a vivid dream about the withered old pear tree in my back garden, and heard a voice telling me that there was treasure under it.

So I hired a metal detector to explore the area around the pear tree, but found nothing. So I cut down the tree, dug out the root, and found myself standing in a pool of muddy water. I filled in the hole and gave up!

Several nights later, I had a second dream.

“Did you find the treasure?” the voice asked.
“No, there was no treasure”, I replied.
“What did you find?” asked the voice.
“Just water”, I replied.
The voice then said, “The water is the treasure.”

David has been featured in newspapers, radio, national and local television including Meridian News, BBC News and The Richard and Judy Show on Channel 4, following a dream that there was treasure hidden in his garden.
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I hired the services of a geologist, who was sceptical about finding water in this part of Sussex. However, I persuaded him to proceed and after several days of drilling, he came across a layer of rock. When the drill breached this, there was a small, fast-flowing underground stream. The roar of the water was deafening!

Soon, a well was installed and a sample sent to a lab for testing. The results were staggering – it contained at least 16 natural minerals and trace elements.”

Water contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive functions and helps to maintain a healthy body, when at least 2.0L of water, from all sources, are consumed per day. The list of customers’ testimonials speaks for itself.

David Pursglove, founder of Pear Tree Well

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