Our Water

Our water comes from a source 120 feet deep and confined beneath a 5 ft thick layer of rock. No surface water can possibly contaminate it. When the water is drawn from the well, it is the first time it has seen the light of day for many thousands of years, truly pure and unadulterated.

It is our belief that, in a world where chemicals pollute the water, our bodies and our planet, this is the kind of product that people need and want.

Our water is naturally rich in minerals, which gives it a fuller, rounder flavour. Below is the standard mineral analysis. Mg/l is milligrams per litre and ug/l is micrograms per litre.

Typical Analysis (mg/I)

Values may differ due to natural variation.

Our water is naturally richer in trace minerals than most, which gives it a fuller, rounder flavour.

Here is the standard analysis. (Mg/l is milligrams per litre and ug/l is micrograms per litre.)

  • Fluoride 156 µg / l
  • Iron 54 µg / l
  • Manganese 37 µg / l
  • Magnesium 70.4 mg / l
  • Molybdenum 2 µg / l
  • Phosphorus 14 µg / l
  • Potassium 5.5 mg/ l
  • Selenium 1 µg / l
  • Boron 169 µg / l
  • Calcium 200 mg / l
  • Copper 20 µg / l
  • Chromium 4 µg / l
  • Silicon 8.7 mg / l
  • Silver 0.5 µg / l
  • Strontium 1145 µg / l
  • Zinc 22 µg / l

Our water has a balanced pH, which is also important for optimal health.

pH = 7.2

A note about ‘fluoride’

It is worth noting that there is a lot of misinformation about ‘fluoride’.

Sodium fluoride (or other synthetic compounds of fluoride) is highly toxic
industrial waste that must be avoided at all costs. Pear Tree Well water
does not contain this.

On the other hand, calcium fluoride is a mineral salt that occurs naturally
in Pear Tree Well and other waters and is not toxic to humans – this is the
natural form of fluoride that is good for your teeth and bones!

If you eat organic food, wouldn’t you want water of a similar quality?


Safe plastic

Our water is bottled in glass bottles and safe plastic (HDPE) containers. HDPE is a very stable form of plastic that is BPA-free and does not leach nasty chemicals into the water.

Our plastic containers are designed to be refillable. To help the environment, we will collect and re-use or recycle as much of our packaging as possible. Please help us to help the environment by re-using or returning them to us if you can. Or recycle them.

Structure of water

Water is a liquid crystal with a pliable matrix that is capable of adopting many forms – the structure of water gives it its ‘memory’ – an infinite capacity to store information within it.

Your body’s ability to absorb water depends upon the purity and structure of the water – living cells absorb pure water in preference to other liquids, keeping them, and you, fully hydrated.

Pear Tree Well water is pure, naturally structured water that allows maximum moisture absorption into the cells of our bodies. Proper hydration will greatly increase your health by supporting nutrient absorption and toxin elimination, leading to a healthy immune system and increased vitality.

We used a method called Kirlian photography to show the structure of our water. You can compare for yourself the structure and vitality of Pear Tree Well water and tap water.

“Tap Water”

“Pear Tree Well water”