We believe that pure healthy water and food can assist in healing many ailments and maintaining a healthy body. Many of our customers have experienced the benefits of using Pear Tree Well water as part of their healing process, and these experiences are described below. Please note that the testimonials on this site are the personal opinions of genuine customers and are reprinted here for information only.

Pear Tree Well does not claim to treat or cure any disease or condition. This information is not intended in any way as a prescription or diagnosis, and is not a substitute for medical advice. For such advice, please contact your doctor or health practitioner.

I have seen some amazing results with your water , even for myself I find I cannot drink much alcohol or coffee when I take the Peartree Well Water :  My daughter has made HUGE progress since being on it too ,  I have used it on long term ME cases and it has helped them detox and recover more quickly.
Frank L ( KIB consultant ) – Kent

Your water was recommended by the practitioner I saw , to get rid of Limes Disease , since I got rid of the limes disease my nights have been continuously improving and as a result I am feeling much better (footnote , Matt has suffered with epilepsy for most of his life having up to 6 fits a day ,he is now 21 yrs of age and has been almost 1 year fit free )
Matt – Eastbourne

I know it is still very early days, but I had to email you the following. I have already, only after a few days, seen a difference in my energy levels since drinking the Pear Tree Well water. What I usually do I a day, I usually need breaks and pacing, but at the end of the day or during the day now I feel fine, plus writing and researching as you know demand a lot of continuous mental and physical energy. Two days in a row I felt fine working 3 to 4 hours in a trot. I am still ecstatic and digesting the miracle. Peter my boyfriend had a cold bronchitis that was preserving on and off, but this water has for now seemed to help it quite a bit since drinking those glasses everyday.
Malika H Of Norfolk

I heard about the water from Kathy Mullany, I bought 2 ten litre bottles one for myself and one for my parents… mum is 81 and suffers with pain in her neck and knee. I mentioned to them to try spraying water on painful areas… also mum suffers with very…….. hot….. feet….. so not having a spray bottle dad put some water in his hand and patted it onto her neck…normally she would need painkillers. Sooooo….. the pain went away…she was shocked when the pain went away. So next time she had the pain in her neck again the water treatment…and again the pain went. As for the Hot feet….it works too….cools them and helps her to sleep.
Lynn Of Richmond

I must congratulate the both of you on the truly exquisite quality of your water.
As an avid ‘coffee and two sugars’ drinker, drinking up to twelve mugs a day, I knew that this alone couldn’t be healthy for me. In the past I have tried various cordials, sodas, fruit juices and several different brands of water to help conquer my caffeine addiction… All to no avail. I know how corny this sounds, but as soon as I tried Pear Tree Well water, I have no desire for coffee at all. All other waters are bland, but yours tastes slightly metallic, yet very pleasant. I have read and reread the list of minerals in your water and cannot understand how it helps me so much!! In fact, the water has been making me feel fuller and I have lost a couple of pounds. For me, this is an achievement in itself! I have had an underactive thyroid for four years and the doctors are having difficulty stabilising it, therefore making the weight pile on.
Mrs L. Tansley Of Carmarthenshire

The Pear Tree Well water that I recently purchased has been excellent, not only does it have a clean and pure taste, but also used in the pump spray as you recommended, it has worked wonders on the rash I had around my neck. I don’t know what the secret ingredient is but it certainly works. Many thanks for the suggestion, it has proved to be a great relief.
Jim Of Uckfield

Since I have been taking Pear Tree Well water I have found various changes.
My sleeping pattern has greatly improved and now I usually have a good nights sleep.
My skin has improved, being less dry and flaky, especially my hands, being a builder all my working life, they were very deeply cracked and split at times I feel more confident in myself and hopefully less muddle headed. In the past I have suffered from tension headaches, but they seem to have stopped. My general health has improved and I feel this has much to do with my “three glasses a day”
Bill. L of Uckfield

Just about ten months ago I had some treatment by a highly sensitive acupuncturist; I had been experiencing gout and a weakness in the knees – sometimes I thought my legs would give way. Along with her treatment, my acupuncturist recommended that I take Himalayan crystal salt (the best salt you can have) on a daily basis and that I should try to get your water; she had tested it (muscle testing) and found it to be very good. So I have indeed been using Pear Tree Well water and Himalayan crystal salt ever since. I must say that I feel so much better since that time – my legs are stronger there is no trace of gout.
I usually have two small glasses of the water a day, one first thing in the morning and one last thing in the evening. I would like to take more through the day because I feel it is so good. Also my wife takes the water; recently she went without it for a few weeks and then returned to having the same amount that I have, and she noticed immediately an improvement in how she felt generally – she feels strong and healthy and better that she has ever felt.
Mr Haigh Of Hammerwood

About 6 years ago I was struck down with a mysterious blood condition with the plasma and red blood cells separating at over 100 (normal rate 5). I was informed my “immune system was in a weak shape.
Leukaemia was considered a possibility. The hospital treatment was ineffective.
It was at this time I met you and started on Pear Tree Well water. For a 70 year old I am now in fine health. During the past 4 years of taking the water, my health an alertness has been renewed, my enlarge prostate has reduced, skin conditions naturally renewed.

Mr M. Moreland Of Eastbourne

As you know I have been drinking your Pear Tree Well mineral water fairly regularly since I contacted you at the end of august last year and I have to say I am feeling better for it. I have symptoms of approaching arthritis and although I have had pains in my hips, knees, wrists, fingers and various other places I have not yet reached the stage where I need painkilling drugs. In fact I prefer to regulate my diet somewhat in order to moderate the effects and I have to say, since I have been drinking Pear Tree Well I feel much better and have not suffered any significant effects of arthritis. Before I started drinking Pear Tree Well I honestly thought I would have to see my doctor about the pain in my hip. Now several months I have not felt and pain at all, nor in my hands which were always quite painful after xmas because I always treat myself to a week or two gorging on oranges which are so nice at this time of year. I have done so this year and no painful fingers or wrists and I can honestly say I am starting the New Year in better form than previous years.
Teddy Of Uckfield